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27Lord Allerton (William Jackson MP) and the Freedom CasketAllerton2013-14-
19A Tale of two Benefactors: the history of our AlmshousesAlmshouses2010-11-
1Sir Thomas AndrewesAndrewes2002-03-
15Putting our Beadles on the RecordBeadles2009-10-
16Colonel Sam Bevington, First Mayor of BermondseyBevington2009-10-
181444 Charter artist identifiedCharter 14442010-11-
2The 1604 CharterCharter 16042003-04-
5A Georgian Celebrity Chef at Leathersellers’ HallChef2004-05-
7Caius Gabriel Cibber, sculptorCibber2005-06-
4Leathersellers in the Dictionary of National BiographyDictionary of National Biography2004-05-
33Dr Percy Dove and his role in WWIDove2014-15-
12Ralph Fitch – Elizabethan explorer in AsiaFitch2007-08-
32Record Holders: two ancient Freedom CertificatesFreedom2014-15-
1018th century Freemasonry at Leathersellers’ HallFreemasonry2007-08-
25The French Connection - Leathersellers and FranceFrench connection2012-13-
22Old Master Comes to Light: William Gomm, by ReynoldsGomm2011-12-
28A Hawk Captured by a Dove: Earl Haig sketched by H.S. DoveHaig2013-14-
9Sir John Hall, Prime Minister of New ZealandHall2006-07-
13William Kiffen - Leatherseller, Baptist, MerchantKiffen2008-09-
8John Leigh NissenNissen2006-07-
34Samuel Pepys, the Great Fire and the LeathersellersPepys2015-16-
6Sir William Henry PerkinPerkin2005-06-
29Queen Mary Visits our Hall in 1931Queen Mary2014-15-
20Tree Rings Reveal Secrets of Royal Portrait (Henry VI)Royal Portrait2011-12-
11William Shakespeare and the LeathersellersShakespeare2007-08-
24Leatherseller SheriffsSheriffs2012-13-
26St Helen's Priory and 33 Great St Helen'sSt Helen's2013-14-
36Margery of Honylane, Prioress of St Helen'sSt Helen's2016-17-
31Gillis Mostaert and the Flemish Art of TanningTanning2014-15-
14Leathersellers' Technical College, a century of historyTechnical college2008-09-
35This Ghastly Affair: Great war letters from our ArchivesThis Ghastly Affair2015-16-
17Richard Thornton: Entrepreneur and BenefactorThornton2010-11-
23Eric Williams, Trinidad & Tobago’s “Father of the Nation”Williams2011-12-
3Women in the CompanyWomen2004-05-
21“And soe to continue for ever”: Higher educationUniversities2011-12-
30Chicken Skin Gloves in a NutshellGloves2014-15-