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The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund

The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund provide a wide range of funding to UK registered Charities, Educational Institutions and University Students. Last year (2016/17) we awarded £2,000,000 in charitable and educational grants. This year (2017/18) we expect to spend over £2,300,000 on deserving causes.

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Applying for a Grant

Grants for Charities

The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund operate two grant giving programmes for charities.

The Small Grant Programme is a fast track grant assessment for one-off grants of up to £3,000. Applicants can expect a result within six weeks of making an application.

The Main Grants Programme is a far more thorough assessment for single and multiple year grants of £5,000 or more. A successful application can take up to nine months to receive a result.

More Information on How to Apply for a Grant

What We Fund

Charitable Grants are available to UK registered charities working within the UK. Whilst we prioritise those charities working for the benefit of people in Greater London, we do welcome and support applications from all corners on the UK.

We will fund special projects, capital grants and core costs such as salaries, rent and utilities.

You can apply for up to four years of funding.

We particularly welcome applications supporting the use of leather within the fashion industry, education in leather technology and the leather trade.

About Us

The welfare of its members was one of the original functions of any Livery Company. Members paid a fee called quarterage which was used to support those too ill or infirm to work, or to pay for funerals. Livery Companies were also seen as reliable bodies to act as trustees for more general charitable bequests.

Today, the Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund administers a number of ancient trusts and also has its own Charitable Fund. By these means the Company provides: Charitable Grants to a wide range of charities and educational establishments; Educational Awards to UK students taking a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree at a UK University; Through the Leathersellers’ Barnet Almshouses the Company also provides sheltered housing for the elderly.

Livery Companies have a tradition of providing accommodation for the elderly. It was in the Victorian age that the Company built its own almshouses. A site in Barnet was chosen, the foundation stone laid in July 1837, with further wings added in 1849 and 1866. Originally intended for poor members of the Company or their widows, each almsman received a weekly pension and a coal allowance.

Barnet almshouses were rebuilt in 1964-66 and renamed Leathersellers’ Close. There are now twenty-one flats in pleasant grounds for the benefit of men and women over sixty years of age. There is a service charge which includes maintenance and heating. The community is a sociable one with annual outings and a carol service at Christmas. The flats are still primarily for people connected with the Company or the leather trade, although applications from other individuals will be considered if there is availability. Please note that no pets are permitted at Leathersellers’ Close.

Grants for Students

We provide Student Grants of up to £4,000 a year.

You can apply for up to four years of funding to study for a full-time Degree at any UK University.

Application is via our on-line form only – quick and easy to use.

We are now closed for applications for the academic year 2017/2018.

Applications for the academic year 2018/19 will open May 2018.

More information on Student Grants

For Current Grant Holders


Recipients of grants from the Main Grants Programme must submit a grant report at the end of each funded year. We do not provide a pro-forma for reporting on your grant, preferring to hear from you in your own words. We want to know what the impact of our funding has been, did the year turn out as expected and what are your plans and aims for the year ahead. When you send in your grant report please also include a set of your latest audited accounts. If you are in receipt of a Multi-Year Grant you will need to submit both a grant report and your accounts in order to receive your next grant installment. If you have come to the end of your Multi-Year Grant please submit an End of Grant Report covering the entire term of the funding you received from us. Once we have received your End of Grant Report we will write to tell you when you will next be eligible to apply for funding from us again.

Recipients of grants from the Small Grants Programme do not need to submit a grant report. But if you want to drop us a note to say thank you….

Livery Liaison

We endeavor to match each charity in receipt of a Main Grant with one of the members of the Livery Company. We call this person your Livery Liaison and they will be your friendly contact for the term of your grant. You should invite them to observe the day to day work of your charity or a special event you may have coming up. They are not there to assess you, but to provide a further level of contact and support. If you attend one of our events they will be the friendly face to welcome you. If you do not have a Livery Liaison, or have not seen yours for a while, please do get in touch with us.

Charity Reception

Every year we hold an evening reception at Leathersellers’ Hall for all our charities in receipt of a Main Grant. They are great networking and fundraising opportunities so make sure you don’t miss out!! This year the Charity Reception will be on 22 June 2017. This is an invitation only event. Invitations will go out in May.

Foundation For Social Improvement

We encourage all our applicants to access the free services of our partner charity, The FSI, to enable your charity to grow and develop in every way possible. The FSI can provide any members of your organisation team or board of trustees with free education, advice, resources and opportunities on any aspect of strategy, management and fundraising. To access their free services please call the FSI Team Assistant on 020 7009 3543 and visit


Reach can help your charity thrive by providing access to the thousands of skilled volunteers registered with us. They have over 35 years of experience placing skilled volunteers into more than 10,000 non-profit organisations throughout the UK. The Reach community is based on the simple belief that non-profits can achieve so much more by drawing on the expertise of skilled volunteers and that high-impact volunteering is very rewarding for the volunteer. They encourage people throughout the UK and from every profession to donate their skills to charities.

We encourage all our applicants to register with Reach, so you can find skilled volunteers to carry out key roles or projects in your organisation, find trustees through their trustee service, and access advice and information about the best way to recruit volunteers through their Knowledge centre and advice panel. For more information visit

Acknowledging our Support

We generally do not require public acknowledgement of our charitable support. However, if you wish to publicly acknowledge our grant in your annual report or on our website the correct wording should be “Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund”.

Download Our Logo

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Members' Livery Liaison Scheme

All Members of the Leathersellers’ Company are encouraged to participate in the Livery Liaison Scheme.

Further information on how to take part and the charities in need of a liaison:

Map of Our Charities