Charitable Grants

Grant Making Policy

      We welcome applications from a broad range of UK registered charities and  educational establishments working within the UK.   
         Our current areas of priority are Education, Disability, Children & Young People and the Relief of Need.
We will also prioritise those charities working for the benefit of people in Greater London. 
We particularly welcome applications supporting the use of leather within the fashion industry, education in leather technology and the leather trade.   
We believe that registered charities need to offer good value for money and transparency about how their money is spent.
A charity may only make one grant application a year. Applications received from a charity within 12 months of the resolution of a previous application will be automatically rejected.   
A charity that receives a Multi-Year Grant or a large Single Year Grant of more than £5,000 will not be eligible to apply for further funding for a period of four years.

We will fund the core costs of well run charities as well as specific projects. We have two separate grant making programmes, both can be accessed via our online application forms.

Types of Grant:

Small Grants Programme

This is a fast track application process for small one-off grants. The value of the grant awarded could be up to a maximum of £3,000, however the average level of grant is £500 - £1,500. A decision should be made within 6 weeks of receiving your application.

Main Grants Programme
The Main Grants programme awards Multi-Year Grants for a period of up to four years and large Single Year Grants. Multi-Year Grants can be offered as unrestricted revenue, for core costs or for established projects. Large Single Year Grants are normally awarded for capital costs or to cover crucial short-term development costs.


Application Process

Successful applications to the Main Grants Programme will typically have to pass through a four stage process. This process can take up to 9 months.


Initial Assessment

This will take place as applications are received. Within 6 weeks of receiving your application you will be notified that either your application has been unsuccessful or that it will go before the Charities Grants Committee.


Charities Grants Committee Consideration

The Charities Grants Committee will meet three times a year to consider applications to the Main Grants Programme.


Charities Grant Working Group Assessment

Applications being considered through the Main Grants Programme may be visited by the Charities Grants Working Group for a detailed assessment.


Charities Grants Committee Decision

The Charities Grants Committee will make a final decision following a report from the working group.


If you are a registered charity working in the UK and you wish to make an application to the Leathersellers' Company Charitable Fund please use our online application form.

To make an application please CLICK HERE          
If you are a British student seeking funding for a university degree course in the UK please go to EDUCATION AWARDS.
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Charities and Education Officer
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