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How Sarah saved her Dad’s Life…

Sarah Salami a year 9 pupil at Prendergast School, part of The Leathersellers’ Federation of Schools in the London Borough of Lewisham had no idea that a lesson on how to do CPR would save her dad’s life just two weeks later. She has since been honoured by the British Heart Foundation and interviewed by John Humphreys on the Today Programme on Radio 4. Click here to see the interview. The school has also appeared on BBC, ITV, and Channel 5 as part of the BHF save a life campaign.

Sarah’s dad had been feeling chest pains the night before he collapsed and still was not feeling well the next morning. She was sitting beside him on the bed when he fell to the floor and hit his head on the bedside table. Her mum was panicking and screaming but Sarah remembered that crucial lesson in her form room when she had been taught CPR on a manikin. She turned her father over, checked his pulse and began CPR. He started taking deep breaths and she had no idea whether to stop or keep going. Sarah became confident with what she was doing. She did not panic, she did not cry. She knew she just had to keep on until the ambulance arrived.

“That lesson has had a massive impact on our family’s life. If not for that lesson I wouldn’t still have my dad”.

Sarah’s father is still recovering in hospital and she has since found out that The British Heart Foundation is trying to get every school child into the country to lean CPR so that as many people as possible have the skills to save lives. They provide free CPR kits for schools, for further information please visit their website.


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