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Another very succesful Charities Reception, and the launch of the 2017 Charities Report

On 22nd June we hosted our annual Charities Reception at Leathersellers’ Hall. The event is not just an opportunity to make contact with the charities we support, most of which we fund for 4 years. It has also been designed as a highly effective fundraising and networking event for small charities. Michael Binyon, Chairman of the Charities Grants Committee, opened the evening by highlighting the impact and reach of the Leathersellers Company Charitable Fund before welcoming William Shawcross, Chairman of the Charities Commission. This was William Shawcross’ second visit to Leathersellers’ Hall in as many months, having also spoken at the Charities Dinner, and he picked up where he had left off with a rallying cry for the vital work of Small Charities. Geoff Russell-Jones then brought the speeches to a close by praising the representatives of the charities present for their inspiring work. The event was well attended with over one hundred charities represented on the night, and they seem to have enjoyed themselves as much of the feedback illustrates such as this message from the educational charity TalentEd:

“I had a marvellous time! As well as enjoying the food, drink and company, it was extremely helpful and interesting networking and lovely to meet some more of the Leathersellers livery people as well. The way you made sure that the liaison officers supported the charities during the reception was very special as these types of events can often feel a bit intimidating or awkward. It made such a difference to feel looked after and introduced to others. I thought it would be interesting, but I really didn’t expect to enjoy myself so much!”

The Charities Reception also marks the publication of our Charity Report which details all the philanthropic support we have given over the past year. The Charity Report is available online now and can be accessed on the publications page.

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